Services for Cats and Dogs

Examination Services

Provide physical examinations, yearly wellness exams and vaccinations for cats and dogs. 

Vaccination Services

Kitten and puppy vaccination protocols and adult boosters.

Laboratory Services

In-house and outside diagnostic laboratory services are available for routine, pre-anesthetic, therapeutic and diagnostic testing.

Anesthetic Services

Sedation and inhalant anesthesia is used for most procedures. Anesthetic monitoring devices are utilized for your pet’s safety.

Surgical Services

Laser instruments are used for most surgical procedures. This reduces much of the post-op pain, bleeding and swelling your pet may experience and allows for a quicker and more comfortable recovery.

Dental Services

Oral exams, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, flouride treatments and tooth extractions performed.

Diagnostic Services

Digital imaging (x-ray), video otoscopic and rigid endoscopic services available.

Pharmacy Services

In-house pharmacy includes the most current veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Pain Management

Monitor and treat painful conditions to minimize discomfort for your pet.

Prescription Diets

Prescription diets such as Hill’s and Royal Canin RCVD veterinary diets available.


Home Again identification microchip insertion for your pet is available.


Referral services to board certified veterinary specialists are offered.